Do not eat…

While checking the ingredients on the King Arthur cake flour box the other day during a blog write up I had a laugh out loud moment which I wanted to share- if you dear reader regularly eat raw flour out of the box, I apologise!

I do admit to the odd spatula lick of cake batter!


Sticks, cups and grams!

All bloggers are encouraged to 'know their audience' presumably so that they can better target their material, maximise the power of the tag and so on… As a travel/photography blogger as well as a baking blogger, I appreciate how different those audiences are.

Blogging about recipes throws up the issue of measurement. As a European I am a firm believer in weight as opposed to volume- to be honest the only thing that cups, as a measurement, have going for them, is convenience but that is significantly outweighed by accuracy. I have been amazed when attending cooking courses in the US how many participants don't own a set of digital scales.

So when is a stick of butter 115g, half a cup, or 4oz!! You get the picture. There are really convenient conversion apps for your phone and ipad, so there really is no excuse. I was reading an American article just the other day bemoaning the fact that the US stands out against the rest of the world in keeping Fahrenheit – well it's 105°F here today in phoenix – that's HOT in anybody's money!

Spotted in Philadelphia - love the idea of 3am cookies!

If you are familiar with my blog you will know I am a Thermomix bore! It is far and away the most amazing kitchen appliance ever made- yes, it has a hefty price tag, but you can throw away at least six other appliances and make room in you cupboards for other things. When I bought my Thermomix all those years ago I had no idea that Australian cooks had wholeheartedly embraced this machine. I knew it was popular in Spain but google translate is frankly dangerous when let loose on a recipe! Sharing via blogs, forums, pinterest, Facebook, has opened a whole international Thermomix world- hoorah!

Recipe for these cherry almond scones in next post – yummmmmm