V is for Vetebröd


We are at V, the finish line is tantalisingly close, and I have actually scheduled W, X, Y & Z. For some of the posts highlighted it’s been a case of ‘oh, why haven’t I made that since posting it’! The Swedish sweet bread Vetebröd is a case in point. I used the recipe in the Thermomix book so I cannot vouch for its authenticity but can vouch for its deliciousness.

It is so easy – with out without a Thermomix – so if you like the look, and think sweet breads are yummy, give it a go.

Follow this link Vetebrod to find the recipe and method.

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U is for Ultimate

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My immediate thought for The letter U was a pineapple upside down cake, but since I have never featured one in my post that was out. It was a nice thought though, I may even do one soon for the blog!

Than I got to thinking that all food bloggers claim to have the ultimate muffin, cupcake, macaron, cheese cake…..oh yes people get quite passionate about having the ultimate cheesecake recipe- me included. So that’s my U, ultimate.


My ultimate cheesecake can be found hereThe best cheesecake EVER

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T is for my kitchen assistant …and a Tiffany box

A to Z challenge, thermomix

OK so there is no T there but those who know my baking blog know my Thermomix is a daily part of kitchen life. I am not a consultant for Thermomix ( I have tried but that’s another story!!) so this is not a sales hype. You can’t buy one yet in the US though Vorwerk are apparently working on it…..

If this is only one serious contender for T then what makes it such a great machine?

It weighs, grind, blends, mixes, whisks, kneads, steams, sautés….

It makes everything from bread to ice cream…sponges to beef curry….orange marmalade to creme patisserie

If you want to make your own non wheat flour, that’s easy. Or make icing sugar from granulated that’s done in a couple of seconds. Or pulverising spices like cardomen and cinnamon.

If you believe in ‘from scratch’ and worry about additives them the Thermomix is your little helper.

There is no machine which comes close in versatility. The vitamix is an impressive blender, soup maker but it is really a durable blender.

The TM5 which was released around September last year has a recipe book in the form of a chip. Just look up the recipe, follow the instructions on the touch screen and hey presto the ‘can’t cook won’t cook’ have no excuse but to make a perfect dish.

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I couldn’t let the letter T go without linking to one of my first post on a very special cake. It wasn’t so difficult (apart from nailing the Tiffany colour) but everyone who was at the friend’s party still remembers it. The carrot cake recipe included there really is the ultimate in carrot cakes! You can find the recipe in the original post here Tiffany box birthday cake

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