The BBC and the GBBO

I have been musing on the problems at the BBC from a healthy distance (being in Arizona) for a few weeks now, and am trying to determine how realistic my strategy of boycotting the said organisation is when I return. The BBC is one of those revered British institutions abroad and maybe especially in the US, but the reality is a long way removed from that iconic truth seeking, truly professional image.

The jimmy savile fiasco/scandal has merely been the proverbial 'straw'. My personal boycott would not be too difficult were it not for the Great British Bake Off, or GBBO as in its twitter hash tag.

British readers will know that 2012 series winner has just been 'crowned' so I may have weakened in my resolve come the 2013 series. More seriously giving up BBC radio 4 will probably require therapy. Unlike the television schedule which is packed full of drivel, radio 4 is frequently the reason why you left that all important ingredient on the countertop instead of adding it to the cake. Tim Harford's half hour of the use and misuse of numbers and statistics- More or Less, is one of several intelligent, thought provoking programmes.

Am I willing to refuse to pay my licence fee to underline my boycott? Don't be silly, I'm a wimp! I do however feel more strongly than ever that the many people in Britain who believe that a compulsory tax for a public sector broadcaster who is not doing a public service should be axed. If the BBC wants to continue to broadcast it should be offering quality programmes which can be commercially funded. Can I finish this without even mentioning Jeremy Clarkson and his £3m pay deal from taxpayers' money?……….

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