Tiffany box birthday cake


I thought the Tiffany box, lots of which can be viewed on YouTube, was an elegant, grown up sort of cake for my bestie in guernsey. Getting the colour of blue was trial and error, but I achieved not a bad match mixing Renshaw's jade green with grey. I believe teal green is available in US and this may have made the whole colour matching easier.

The Tiffany logo on the base was a brainwave of Mr N – just as I was about to paint the word on the cake he suggested printing the genuine logo from the Internet onto blue rice paper- hey presto it worked and didn't ruin the printer.


The cake is a four layer carrot cake based on Mich Turner's of LVCC in her spectacular cakes.

It is my 'go to' carrot cake since I started making it several years ago- I really challenge anyone to come up with a better carrot cake. The sultanas are soaked in rum for a day and the addition of orange and lemon zest plus chopped glacé ginger counterbalance the genourous quantity of coconut. The cooked cake is treated to a citrus syrup which makes it the moistest cake around.

I baked the following in 2 8″ tins which made it a tall box shape.

300g sultanas soaked in 75ml dark rum for at least a couple of hours

525g plain flour

6tsp ground cinnamon

3 tsp ground nutmeg

3 tsp bicarbonate of soda

450 ml sunflower oil

500g brown sugar – split this light brown/ golden caster

6 eggs

Zest of 3 lemons and 3 oranges– you see, it is zesty and this permeates the cake. You'll use some of the juice for the syrup later)

525g carrots, peeled, grated

150g desiccated coconut

150g chopped pecans, though I'm sure you could use almond if you don't like pecans.

15ml vanilla bean paste- I use this instead of vanilla extract in pretty much all my baking as you get flecks and a really rich flavour.

20/25 ml glacé ginger, chopped ( to your taste) I have successfully used stem.

Sieve your flour and spices while the eggs oil and sugars are beaten in a stand mixer. Add the flour and all the other ingredients- it's a lot! Turn into prepared tins and cook in 140° oven for around 2hr 15min but keep an eye on them from 2 hours.

Make the citrus syrup while the cake is cooking by dissolving 150g light brown sugar in the juice of 2 lemons and 2 oranges. Pour this over the cooked cake as they sit in the tins on a cooling rack.

I used an orange buttercream to fill the layers and a vanilla swiss buttercream to crumb coat and coat again before the fondant was used. Plenty of in and out of the fridge in these stages so that you can cut and spread on a cold hardened surface which is not going to fall apart on you.

The bow and the pearl balls along the base were made of 50/50 – half fondant and half gum paste- all the rest was fondant.

This carrot cake keeps so well it is ideal for celebration cakes.


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