Savoury, bread diversion after the marathon that is the charity Christmas cake bake!

Leafing through my Thermomix book

I found this really simple savoury bread recipe which hails from Sweden – so Tomtar just had to be in this pic. The bread has a wonderful delicate cardamom flavour, and of course the Thermomix comes into its own here. On a reverse blade action the pods are cracked in 20 seconds so that the seeds fall out and the husks can be removed easily- otherwise I think I'd be driven to buy ground cardamom. The seeds from 10 cardamom pods are ground with 100g strong white bread flour for 20 seconds by which time this powder will be making your kitchen smell deeeeelish. All the remaining ingredients, 200g strong white bread flour, pinch of salt, 30g sugar, sachet instant yeast, 50g unsalted softened butter, 150g milk warmed, mixed in with the ground flour for 30 seconds at 37° on speed 3. So that's a minute so far. A further 2 minutes on the dough setting will be enough and the dough can be left in a greased bowl, covered with cling film, to prove for an hour. Once it has doubled in size punch the air out and roll to a 30cm square.

Spread the cinnamon filling – 50g butter, 50g soft brown sugar and 1tsp cinnamon- across the dough and roll tightly
Cut through almost the whole way then pull slices alternatively to the left and right.

Once the roll has doubled in size again place in a 200° oven for around 20 minutes. Mine took a couple more minutes in the baking oven of the aga.


If you want to sweeten it up more drizzle with a vanilla glacé icing. For those with a really sweet tooth crush some sugar cubes, alternatively just find a horse to feed.


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