Day full of surprises….

Some days when you think you have hit the jackpot, the good just gets better..
Sunday afternoon chillin'

A trip up to the 'high country' around the mogollon rim to see some snow and blue sky proved

a photographic treat. The heron in the reed beds near the Zane Grey cabin was just the start of perfect afternoon's photography. I love how herons look all hunched up when they are just sitting around and turn themselves into huge graceful fish catching machines.

Patiently looking for that next meal




The cabin which now stands overlooking the lake is a rebuild since the original burned down. It is such a pretty setting just off the main Payson road, worth a quick diversion







The water jet doesn't come up to fountain hills standards or indeed le jet d'eau on the lake in Geneva on which fountain hills is copied. It still makes for an interesting and striking scene.

Swooping low to catch Sunday lunch





Just spotted Sunday lunch.

Snow and piercingly blue sky



Bare trees and tranquil reflective water belie the temperature – it was COLD! When you travel out of town from phoenix the temperature drop can be rapid and huge. Summer and winter 15°F drops and sometimes much more are recorded as you drive up through the salt river canyon.




This eagle very curious about activity on the path below


It was a real surprise and a treat to see this bald headed land on this tree. It took more than a passing interest in every thing that passed below it. Quite glad I wasn't walking a chihuahua!

Having seen the heron catch the trout I guess it was biding its time for the next meal from the water.



Coming in to land
Leave time to take diversions remembering that in January the side roads are often closed due to snow. Views from the rim are breathtaking.

Time to return to phoenix and enjoy a nightly wonder – the Arizona sunset with saguaro cactus and palms breaking the skyline. Even from a moving car and taken with an iPhone this does not disappoint.



Taking the Bush highway for the return journey makes this a more interesting round trip.



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  1. Took a while to find but most certainly worth it, Anne! Great shots, that eagle is amazing! And all of the baking I had to scroll past as I was on my search looks amazing! Great blog! 🙂


    1. vannillarock says:

      Oh I am so sorry, Gigi, I thought the ping back would take you straight to the post. Hope you had had breakfast before you started through the baking posts. Thanks so much for your kind comments- nice to meet. I am looking forward to catching up with your travels. Anne


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