Favourite places….Desert botanical

While the wonderful plants may remain the same at Desert botanical the art installations are changed regularly. This winter thro' April the Californian artist and filmmaker Philip Haas
has his depiction of the four seasons which are appropriately abundant in the shapes of fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants and trees. The scale of the pieces alone make them a worth a visit.



A day trip here changes with the season depending on what is flowering. My preference is to take in an Arizonan sunset so I do try to arrive later in the afternoon. Phoenix gets very hot in the summer months, so although the plants will be looking good, you may feel wilted. Plenty of water and sunscreen and hat.


The works of Carolina Escobar are also on show thro' may. Some look like like alien pea pods while others take a bit more imagination. None are boring. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one's taste for modern art is very personal.

Juxtapositioned amongst the saguaro, prickly pear, and organ pipes, the coloured metal is a significant contrast. Be prepared to be surprised if you can make the trip.


Carolina Escobar exhibit


As for this- well a prickly day of the triffids would not seem far-fetched.

Cactus with protective 'hats'


Even Arizona can experience frost from time to time, though consecutive days are reasonably rare. The weathermen had forecast some hard frost and the gardeners at desert botanical had taken precautions with the more delicate plants. Plankets (blankets for plants) are sold out at Home Depot on such occasions.






These stunning glass features are a permanent exhibit at the entrance to the gardens .




The bonus pictures on this visit the birds which just popped out to say 'hello'

Roadrunner perched for a drink


This roadrunner (always looks quite different with that black plume flat against his head) was enjoying a long drink at one of the bird baths.






Red cardinal has no camouflage!



The red cardinal was a tougher shot, probably aware that with that bright red plumage he had better keep on the go.







Quite a dandy!
Pretty good camouflage, apart that is from my tail.


So it's goodbye from mrs rabbit ……

And good bye from me.


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