Chocolate and funfetti….

Three tier star cake

What better reason to get in the kitchen and bake than a friend's birthday? Being in America means easy access to Michaels-

what would it mean to have access to Michaels when I'm on the other side of the Atlantic – it doesn't bear thinking about!

Birthday girl wanted chocolate- who doesn't – so the largest and smallest tiers were chocolate based on collette peters 'no egg yolk' recipe which was new to me. I think this is an American staple- so-called white cake- and unlike the other American favourite, angel cake, which also has a lorry load of egg whites, these don't have to be separately whisked. Every American baker will have a white cake recipe to hand, but for my British friends this is my variation on collette's recipe which will work for 2 x 8″ or 9″ cake pans.

16oz cake flour(plain) sifted with 3 teaspoons of baking powder and a teaspoon salt.

8oz unsalted butter

10oz soft brown sugar

10oz caster sugar

Vanilla bean split and scraped or vanilla bean paste. ( paste is my 'go to' for vanilla flavouring when I'm in Arizona because I just can't keep a stock of pods in the larder without them drying out. Needless to say I don't have this problem in guernsey- the humidity there keeps them just fine!!)

US measuring cup of room temperature egg whites. Much easier to buy a carton but if you are separating eggs it's about 8/9.

11/2 cups of milk. Always best to use whole milk. Make sure all the dairy stuff is at room temperature.

Mix ingredients like you would any basic cake mixture- cream the butter and sugars (there's an LOT of sugar ) until light and fluffy in a stand mixer. Add the eggs whites, vanilla and the flour and milk mixture in batches. Divide between prepared baking pans and bake at 325° for 30/35 minutes..


'Prepared cake tins' now there is a thought- I LOVE this product which works on every cake tin even those with impossible detail. My suitcase is packed with these on my trips back to guernsey. A similar product is now sold but at twice the price.

The middle section cake was one of those Pinterest finds- who doesn't love Pinterest ? The most useful time wasting social media on the planet- LOVE, LOVE LOVE.

So take a basic pound cake and add coloured confetti and you have a funfetti cake.



Remember to refrigerate your cakes before attempting to slice, level and crumb coat. How much do I love those craftsy courses on buttercream and other techniques- such a brilliant format and really helpful tricks and tips if you have taught yourself all your cake making.

To put everything together cut foam core bases to fit each cake, cover each in fondant or buttercream, strategically cut and place dowels in the first and second layer.

I finished off with royal icing borders and fondant roses. A certain birthday girl who likes chocolate seemed happy!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Amy Tong says:

    what a gorgeous cake! The b-day girl must be happy to see this. What a great friend you are! 🙂


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