Grand Canyon

Blogger skinnywench has been posting some really interesting and inspiring photographs as part of her word a week photography challenge. The weekly theme comes from a word which 'falls' randomly from the dictionary.

Being realistic about the time it would take to trawl through photographs EVERY week on a particular theme I will do it once in a while because it is such a great idea and because it makes you look at some really old photographs in your library.

My first go at this saw the dictionary open at the 'me….s' There were of course several words from which to choose, but lets face it, matching photographs to 'metabolism' promised to be a bit of a chore! When my eye fell on 'metal' I knew I would have lots of choice, infrastructure, statues, transport modes, cutlery. What I failed to realize was just how many photographs there would be. Great fun though, so here's a brief trip around the world, with a very brief narrative.

Gila bend Arizona


One of the largest solar power plant in the world is nearing completion south west of phoenix, at Gila (pronounced heela) bend. Metal in abundance here.






The 'armadillo' on the river Clyde Glasgow
Falkirk wheel



Continuing the Scottish theme, this is a lock on the canal like no other.



Route 66 Holbrook

Metal had to include transport modes so where better to start than the mother road, Route 66.

Some really cool cars to be seen at this teepee hotel stop in Holbrook






Seen in Santa Fe



Just admire those rear wheel mud flaps.






Charging up


Just plug it in….







Psychedelic baby!
Shiny metal

Lovingly polished to within an inch of its life, seen in phoenix








Olympic gold post box




Interesting piece of metal here. Post boxes could be painted gold if they were situated in a 2012 British gold medalist's home town. In this case Carl Hester the equestrian hails from Sark, a tiny island where the only transport is horsepower, tractor and bicycle.

















The story behind this piece of metal is worth a name drop. Stieg Larsson, he of the girl with the dragon tattoo fame based the trilogy in Stockholm and the Swedish tourist board have been quick to latch on to the international success of the books.if you take the self guided tour you will probably visit spots in the city which you would otherwise have missed.




Metal crowns on Stockholm bridge



Route 66 again between the petrified forest and the painted desert.








Metal featured too often under the monument, statues and generic civic art work to include even a fair selection here.

The international Olympic organization based in Lausanne Switzerland is home to so many stunning pieces that all I can say is 'go visit'. If you don't like metal there are beautiful mountains and lakes!





Just in case you need a fork..






Still in Switzerland, a quite unique installation.









Prague and intricate metalwork
Breath in!


Another 'metal' photo with a transport theme- taken in the narrow streets of Orta in northern Italy












Installation looking across the beautiful lake orta. While the crowds go to lake maggiore and como the discerning visitor should take in this understated 'jewel'.











Stunningly colourful Tucson





Back across the 'pond' yet again – hope you are gathering the airmiles. This time to the south of France and the very photogenic and extremely metal city of Marseilles











Roosevelt lake reflections

The stunning reflections from the metal bridge on the edge of Roosevelt lake in Arizona bring me sadly to the last of my metals. Sad because I have not included so many worthy photographs. The decision on my last photograph was made for me when I recalled someone describing my artifacts as quirky- she also said they were fab.

Anyone for fish?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. skinnywench says:

    what a great collection of metal shots – you have done the challenge proud


    1. vannillarock says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate your taking time to comment as I am new at this whole blogging thing. Fingering out the technology is still a challenge. I love your blog!


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