Bread and the Thermomix

Fruit bread

I have neglected my baking blog of late, not because I haven't been baking, but because I haven't been experimenting with new recipes. I really am first and foremost a cake baker, but this blog is about an attempt to redress the balance with speciality breads.

I am also on a mission to adapt my existing recipes using my Thermomix and to make use the fantastic Thermomix online communities, particularly those based in Australia.
Proving the fruit bread

One such site is Simone's Thermomix Essentials and the fruit bread pictured above is based on that recipe.

It is delicious toasted and I recommend playing around with the sort of dried fruit and nuts you prefer. I was quite frightened by the large amount of liquid added but it worked.

Being on a roll (sorry for pun!!) I decided to have a go at a Guernsey classic, Gâche, (pronounced gosh) and enlisted the Thermomix for that too. I used a local restauranteur and chef Tony Leck's recipe as a base

Thermomix Gâche

This recipe will make 2 loaves, but I found it was marginally too much for the Thermomix bowl It would be fine to work by hand. Guernsey locals insist on the full cholesterol 'Monty' ( or the whole 9 yards) with guernsey butter from guernsey cows, and full fat guernsey milk (see below!) Clearly use what you can source.

Highly rated guernsey milk

750g flour, split according to taste, say 500 plain to 250 wholemeal

250g unsalted butter, softened ( cube cold butter and soften at 40° speed 4 for 40 seconds)

125ml whole milk at 38°

35g caster sugar (or grind granulated speed at speed 10 for a second or two)

1 apple peeled, cored and diced ( drop onto running blades)

2 eggs

200g sultanas and mixed peel. The traditional recipes would have more than 50% mixed peel but I am not a huge fan, even after it is washed, so just split the dried fruit how you like. The purist may say it's not Gâche but make it how you like!

c9g of easy bake yeast or 60g of fresh yeast if you can source it.

Pinch of salt, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Thermomix bread making methods is beyond simple with the dough setting. All I'd say is that you should leave the washed and dried fruit till the end- I didn't so it really doesn't look like Gâche when cut. Cream the butter and sugar before adding the beaten eggs and flours and yeasty milk. Prove the dough in a large covered bowl in a warm place for about 2 hours. Knock it back when doubled in size, and split between 2 bread pans. Leave covered again for the second prove for around 45 min, then bake in a 180° oven or lower aga for around 55minutes. Take care if your aga is nearer 190°/200° or you may burn it (the voice of experience!!)

A few months into the blogging world and I am a little clearer on how things work. This blog will be baking and my other blog @vannilla will be travel and photography. If you have read this far and have previously followed my travel page, sorry for the bread!!


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  1. Awesome, love your blog!


    1. vannillarock says:

      Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate your stopping by and taking time to comment. I am still on a steep learning curve and learning from people like you. 🙂


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