Scones and the Thermomix

Wholemeal cheese scones

Continuing my Thermomix adaptations and my bready theme, I pulled Paul Hollywood's How to Bake from the shelf.

For those readers who don't reside in the UK,or do, and have managed to avoid being sucked into the GBBO vortex, Paul is idolised by women who bake, and women of a certain age, as a George Clooney of the kitchen. Personally I don't get it- no, not george, I'd have him any time but not in the kitchen. Anyway despite thinking that he plays a genuine 'bad cop' to marry berry's 'good cop' in the TV series, I did buy his bread and pastry book. These cheesy scones are adapted from there.

Wholemeal cheesy scones
You will need:
70g Parmesan cut into pieces, dropped into running blades speed 8. Set aside.

300g self raising flour, split 200g plain/100g wholemeal

1tsp baking powder

Pinch salt

120g cheddar

175ml full fat milk

A beaten egg for glazing


Preheat oven to 220°C/450°F/lowest runners roasting oven aga

Grate the cold cheddar by dropping into TM bowl at speed 7

Weigh flours, baking powder and salt into TM bowl

Add milk and knead on dough setting for around 20 seconds, scrape down and mix again for a couple of seconds if it looks as if it needs it. Tip out onto a silpat sheet or lightly floured countertop and form into a circle.

Brush top with beaten egg and sprinkle with Parmesan.

Cook for around 15 minutes, around 12 in aga.

I love pretty much anything with Parmesan so think these are good. I found a wedge baking tray in the drawer when I was having clear out the other week. You know that cupboard where you gingerly open the door because you are aware of the chance of head injury- well there it was and I thought have I EVER used you?! Result- each one had a lovely separately baked look.


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