BBQ’d lamb shanks

Slow BBQ roasted lamb shanks

The 'great escape' from unpredictable British weather is never more appreciated when you know people are freezing at home while you BBQ on Easter Monday.

Huge lamb shanks sourced at Wholefoods have been given the slow cook in the BBQ to produce a succulent meal which will also taste wonderful the following day. I have learned a thing or two from southern style BBQ slow roast over the years that i have been cooking in the south west. This type of BBQ cooking is rare in the UK- it's a cremated sausage or chicken breast, and be thankful for it! Plenty of alcohol usually eases the passing of the charcoal feast. Not so in the land of pulled pork!!

Marinaded and Basted lamb shanks

This oh so easy to put together dish will be a winner, and is a welcome change from chicken and beef.

I like to place slithers of garlic into the lamb and coat with some sort of sea salt, and olive oil. Rosemary works well with pork, but chives are always a useful flavouring, so mix that up with the oil spread if it is to your taste. If you want to go spicy and really south west then chillies and paprika will work.

Set under BBQ

Prepare any other vegetable like bell peppers and place in separate foil container. I cooked these at 160°C/320°F for a couple of hours. They were huge so just keep an eye on them and if you like them more pink reduce the time.

So when that BBQ weather makes a return to the UK ( I think there were 2 weekends in 2012!) give lamb shanks a go.


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