Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon pound cake

I know, I know it looks like another lemon cake and it is another lemon cake. My excuse

is that a massive weather front crossed Arizona yesterday, blew a hoolie which left tons of lemons on the ground so said lemons had to be picked up and a use found for them! cake of course. if i had my trusted thermomix here in arizona I'd be able to make copious quantities of lemon curd and give it away. i have asked before, but if there are thermomix bloggers who know why I cant buy one in the US do leave a comment please. I am also blaming Pinterest ! I came across blogger tablefortwo who has the original recipe here.

I love the Williams Sonoma lemon loaf tin- it's in the Nordic ware range. It a heavy duty quality and will last a lifetime, so worth the extra money in my view. I think they may have discontinued it as I have been trying to buy another to have one at home in guernsey. I only tweaked the recipe (link above) by adding more lemon and no almond. I have to say it is an unusual way to make a sponge. Rather than creaming the butter and sugar the butter is added to dry ingredients so it looks a bit lumpy for a while. No problem for the kitchen aid though and the end result was exceptionally good. By pound cake standards very light.

That's three lemons fewer, hardly a dent made in the fruit fall!

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