Tarte au citron

With so many recent posts having a lemon theme, I may be forced to change the name of my blog!

lannom doesn't have the same ring though. Of course I use a lot of vanilla, can spell vanilla, but as my name is anne I'll stick with vANNilla.

Mary Berry remains the queen of tart citron in my opinion but this marginally less rich variation is a wonderful alternative. I don't think there is a more delicious sweet pastry than Jamie Oliver's in his Jamie's Kitchen. This quantity will make an 11″ tart or 8×4″ tarts.

If you make a lot of pastry you'll know that your butter has to be very cold, you can even cube it and place in freezer for 15 minutes. You can make it in processor as long as you don't over process. If the mixture gets too hot, just pop it into fridge again.

Measure the dry ingredients into the processor- 250g plain flour, 100g icing sugar, pinch salt, process the 125g of cold butter until breadcrumb consistency. Add two egg yolks and 2 tbls ice cold water. Blitz in short burst until just pulling together. Stir in grated rind of small lemon and seeds of a vanilla pod. Wrap as a flattened disc in cling film and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Roll out to line tin(s) and bake blind at 180°C /350°F for 20 minutes.

For the lemon filling, whisk together 4 eggs and 200g caster sugar, than add 165ml double cream and the juice and grated zest of 5 lemons.

Bake the tart citron for around 40 minutes at 160°C/315°F.

Tip: Best way to make a tart citron which reaches the top of the pastry is to place the pastry case(s) on a baking tray in the oven and pour the lemon mixture from a jug into the cases.

These are totally, fabulously lemony – wonderful with raspberries, blackberries..


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  1. I have been on a lemon kick lately too. These sound and look wonderful!


    1. vannillarock says:

      Thank you! So fortunate to have citrus trees in my garden here in phoenix.


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