Time for Cocktails

While the weather may not yet be yelling 'summer cocktails' back in the UK, here in Arizona it is that perfect time of year before it really hots up. Have been experimenting with one of my favourite drinks ingredients,

St Germaine. I came across this divine elderflower liqueur in New Orleans 4 or 5 years ago. I then spent the next couple of years unsuccessfully trying to source it in the UK, guernsey and Europe- yes, I tried hard! From wine merchants in guernsey responding to the request with utter disregard to French ones ( where it is made) reponding in a standard 'non', finally my knight in shining armour, in the shape of Waitrose opened stores in guernsey and voilà.

A dash of St Germaine and champagne IS summer. If your budget can't stretch to champagne just use sparkling wine, it'll take the edge off the harsher tones of prosecco.

Back to the cocktail, the base is gin. I have pushed a bottle of Hendricks gin into the foreground. You can use other gins as the distinctiveness of Hendricks will be drowned out. Note: if you are a gin drinker and haven't tried this wonderful Scottish 'brew' with a slice of cucumber ( if the barman serves it with lemon, sack him!) ask for one next time you see it on the shelves.

If it is to be served shaken as opposed to on the rocks, add juice of a lime to gin and St Germaine. Top up with soda. If serving on the rocks in a hi ball glass adding 7 up is optional. I have some mango syrup which I add sparingly as it is quite sugary. So where is the champagne? I suggest if you really want to push the boat out this could easil be turned into a champagne cocktail, though you'd probably cut the lime.

Cheers! Thanks for stopping by.


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