Tear and share seeded bread

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Oh so easy tear and share seeded bread..

Back in guernsey with the Thermomix and aga, it must be time to experiment with some Waitrose bread flours

My Aga - more than a cooker!

The aga provides the perfect environment to achieve a perfect rise in the yeast – 'proving'.

I adapted this recipe from the Thermomix book 'in the mix' It is a perfect base recipe using 500g strong bread flour, a sachet of dried yeast mixed in about 300g lukewarm water, 20g salt, and 20g olive oil. I omitted the olives and used a lovely Waitrose brand, crunchy mixed seed bread flour. Of course you could combine your own mix with seeds of your choice and strong bread flour. The Thermomix allows you to mix this up on the dough setting in 3 minutes- yes 3 minutes. Then it is left to prove and double in size for about 50-55 minutes. The cooking time is only 15 minutes in the roasting oven of the aga or in a 240°C oven. I was sceptical that it didn't require being knocked back after the initial 'proving' but it really didn't taste yeasty and had a lovely consistency.

The shaping is easy, just divide the dough into 9 or 10 equal pieces, starting with one on the centre of a Silpat sheet then arrange the other rolls touching the centre one. Brush with egg and sprinkle seed. I used poppy seeds here. It is such a perfect shape to tear and share with friends.

If you have read this far, thank you! I love to hear your thoughts.


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