The best cheesecake EVER

The 'best cheesecake ever!' – quite a claim, but as someone who has made many a cheesecake over the years this is my claim for this recipe based on one from Allysa Torey in At Home with Magnlia bakery.

Like all baked cheesecakes you need to think and bake ahead. Bake the day before allowing at least 12 fridge time after it comes out of the oven.

This recipe makes a 10″/25cm or 10 individual cheesecakes made in 21/2″ chef's rings. Simply create a base for the rings with double layer of foil.

My favourite cheesecake base, which I use for all my cheesecake recipes is a packet of Oreos blitzed in the Thermomix with 50g of unsalted butter. I like to blitz 6-8 amaretti biscuits into this mixture. I'd probably add amaretti biscuits to most things if the truth be told!

Press equal amounts of bicuit base into the invividual chef's rings – use one of those tiny spatulas to make life easier. Cook the bases for about 6-7 minutes in lower baking aga, or 180°C

Meanwhile make the filling drain 2 large cans of crushed canned pineapple. I used to have problems sourcing this in guernsey ( so put pineapple slices in processor trying not to anihalate it!) anyway as I have said before ' thank you Waitrose ! Ilove you for coming to this small island!'). Back to the drained pineapple – dry it off on kitchen paper towel – you want to end up with 2 cups and one can will equate to one measuring cup.

The rest is easy, basic baked cheesecake stuff. I mix my ingredients in Thermomix with whisk at speed 3 adding 5 large eggs after 800g cream cheese has been creamed with 1 1/4 cups caster sugar. Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract or a bit less vanilla paste as it is more concentrated. If you haven't tried vanilla paste give it a go. Of course if you have a TM you can make it. Add a couple of tablespoons of double cream if you think it is too thick.

Pour over the cooled biscuit bases and cook in lower aga or at 180°C/350°F for about 35-40minutes. They will still have a slightly wobbly middle. If using a conventional oven leave in for another 40minutes with heat turned off and door ajar. To be honest this is more relevant when cooking in one large tin as it should prevent cracking and give you a perfect top.

Refrigerate for at least 12 hours.

Remove from fridge an hour before serving. The original recipe suggests a white chocolate sauce. I think passion fruit of red berries are perfect with crème fraîche.

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