Apple and passion fruit tartlets

This French classic is start to finish in the Thermomix.

I have covered the wonderful quick puff pastry in a previous blog. The basic proportions couldn't be simpler, equal amounts of plain flour and unsalted chilled and cubed butter to half the ml of ice cold water. Add salt, of course. I find 500g (250g flour +250g butter) an optimum quantity for the TM bowl. Do another batch if you need more. The 12 tartlets in this recipe needed a little shy of 400g.

Roll and cut the pastry into 12cm discs. Remember to use your fridge if your pastry is getter unmanageably sticky. Don't over flour! Use a Silpat mat to roll and make sure it has been well chilled. You are going to return the discs to the fridge on a baking tray. All this is done well in advance of baking them.

TM crème pâtissière would probably have sold me on a TM if it had been demonstrated before my purchase. Anything like mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce is simply wonderful. No need to stand over a saucepan and stir constantly to avoid lumps. Just add all the ingredients, set the time, heat and speed and walk away!

TM cookbook uses 500g milk, 100 g sugar, 40g corn flour, 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks, vanilla paste. This recipe is remarkable similar to a michel roux one I have. He uses 6 egg yolks – well it's French, so of course he does. Either will make you a perfect crème pâtissière.

Assembling the tart is easy. The cold puff pastry discs are spread with the cold crème pâtissière and then the sliced apple. Bake these for 15 minutes. After 10minutes remove and sprinkle generously with caster sugar. I baked these in the roasting aga oven for half that time and then transferred to the baking oven. Basically cook pastry on floor of roasting oven to make the very best pastry but avoid burning the topping! Cook in a conventional oven at 180°C.

This Thermomix recipe is simply wonderful. I think it is a favourite one on the repertoire of agents who are demonstrating the TM versatility. I mean, when you have had bread rolls, risotto, lemonade, etc etc made in the flash of an eye, a wonderful sorbet prepared in 2 minutes sends you rushing for your cheque book!

Adapting the recipe Italian Style Sorbet in TM Fast and Easy cooking is simple. To the basics – 700g frozen summer fruits (Waitrose sell cartons in the freezer cabinet), 70g sugar, 20g lemon juice, I added 50 ml of St Germaine, a delightful elderflower liqueur which has featured several times in previous blogs. Adding an egg white and whisking for 30 seconds with the butterfly attachment creates the lightest sorbet ever. The amazing thing about this sorbet is that it can be served immediately, or if, like me, you like to do as little as possible in the kitchen when you guests arrive, pop it in the freezer. It won't ice if you have added alcohol and or glycerine. Just remove from freezer a few minutes before you want to serve.

Some of you may have noticed the lack of passion fruit (given it is in the title!) All 11 of of my guests had the passion fruit liberally spread on their tartlet. I forgot to take a photograph until my guests had gone and realised the remaining tart had to be unadulterated.

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the recipe, Thermomix cooking, or an aga.


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      It’ll have to be from the next batch 😉 thanks for stopping by!


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