Salmon and crab timbale

A wonderful prepare ahead starter to impress

This recipe is adapted from one I came across 12 years ago on a visit to Franschhoek in the Cape region of South Africa. Nestled in some of the most beautiful green rolling hills in the world is La Petite Ferme and an experience which not only treats your visual senses but also your taste buds. If you are travelling the region Franschhoek (pronounced franshook) is a must.

I prepare these in 125ml moulds. This recipe will make 10. Finely chop 1 tblsp spring onion, 1 tblsp dill and blend ( in Thermomix or food processor) with c600g poached salmon/white crab meat/salmon trout. A much cheaper option for a family supper would work with tinned tuna. You will need about 35ml of gelatine soaked in about 50ml of water. I find it hard to source powdered gelatine so use about 6/7 sheets and follow packet instructions. When the gelatine mix is ready to use add to the fish with 20g mayonnaise and 20g tomato paste and 250 ml double or whipping cream. Pop into the greased moulds and refrigerate, preferably overnight.

Serve with a yoghurt sauce – season 250ml plain yoghurt and stir in 60g chopped dill and 10 ml lemon juice. I like lime with crab so try a squeeze of lime, but don't let it overpower things.

If you want to push the boat out, decorate with caviar or roe.

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