Modelling chocolate Stripes

I am a huge fan of the Craftsy platform for cake decorating courses. I love the accessible format – For that read ' I can indulge in all things cake on my ipad as opposed to the rubbish on TV'. the presentations are are either good or very, very good. I don't sell my cakes – apart from charity sales at Christmas so I am looking to find quicker and more efficient techniques and to achieve as flawless a finish as an amateur might be happy with.

The wax paper method demonstrated by Jessica of Jessicakes is a method which I will work on- my first attempt turned out like the above. If I get her amazing quilting ruler I might be able to make straighter lines! Many decorative mistakes can be covered up, as all bakers know, still, it's a good idea to measure the length of the circumference properly!!! After painstaking cutting out and placing I realised I was 2+” short- answer: add a plaque and flowers, haha.

SMBC crumb coating

The striped cake is one my all time favourites, carrot cake, which I have blogged about here. The base cake is a vanilla sponge. Both cakes are crumb coated with orange Swiss meringue buttercream.

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