Chicken saltimbocca

Saltimbocca (literal translation jumps in the mouth) is traditionally made with veal but it works very well with chicken breasts. After eating this dish I got to thinking what an underrated herb sage is, so while I mainly blog about desserts and cakes, I thought I shout give sage a shoutout.
Take a chicken breast per person and flatten with a rolling pin between cling film or parchment. Mix about 2 tablespoons of whole grain Dijon mustard with full fat cream cheese and spread on each breast. You'll need about 150g of cream cheese for six depending size of the breasts. Place a slice of Parma ham over this mustardy cheese, and top that with a large sage leaf. Half lengthways and secure with a cocktail stick.

Bake the chicken in a buttered tin for 15 minutes at 200°C . Remove from oven and make the sauce which is quite delicious. Remove the chicken from the roasting pan and keep warm. Place the roasting pan on the hob and add 150ml white wine and a generous tablespoon ( I added a bit more) of red current jelly. Reduce the sauce and whisk in 50g butter. Transfer to sauce boat.

I have no good reason as to why I don't have the finished chicken on the table!! Serving and taking photos of the desserts clearing made my brain fuzzy! It is a very simple dish but very tasted and can be prepared in advance of roasting and left in fridge- that's my kind of dish!

I served this with an asparagus risotto.

Adapted from Mary Berry real food fast


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