Mini Christmas cakes

Since I got back from Arizona a few days ago I have had to hit the ground running in order to marzipan and fondant ice my prepared traditional fruit cakes. I make these every year as my major fund raiser for local charities and cancer research. Here is a selection from the first batch.

I experimented with red and blue base colours this year, but while I thought they photographed well, they actually didn't sell. I think people are quite traditional when it comes to Christmas cakes.

If you do sell your cakes at Christmas fayres, and haven't tried the smaller sizes, I would give them a try. There is almost as much work as in a large one, so you do have to price accordingly, but lots of people think they are the perfect small gift for an elderly neighbour or a gift for your children's teacher.

I think traditional Christmas cakes are so yummy and so pretty. Will post a selection from my next batch. Planning a cake free day tomorrow though!


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  1. Vanessa Baca says:

    Did you use the jumbo cupcake pan to make these? Beautiful work!


    1. vannillarock says:

      Thank you! I have two sizes of mini tins 2″ and 21/2″ set in a shallow tray -16 moulds in each. You can buy liners which work well and mean you don’t have to prepare the tins. Not sure if you are in UK but I am pretty sure I bought them in UK and possibly via Lakeland. I don’t have a jumbo cupcake pan, but if they have straight sides you probably could use it. I would put a grease proof disc in the bottom of each though to prevent sticking.


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