Too organised?

Do you keep a little black book or indeed any colour of carnet de soirée?

Do you have to have a smidgen of OCD to keep a detailed book of dinner party guests, eats and drinks.

For as long as I can remember I have kept a record of my dinners, lunches and events – no not every meal I eat! But when I invite friends and family to come to eat. My previous book which had covered years spanning several houses, many different groups of friends and lots of happy memories was eaten by our chocolate lab puppy a few years ago – if you know anything about Labradors she must have sensed the food in the recipes!! The very classy Smythson custom book (pictured above) was a hostess gift from a dear friend who knew my habit 🙂

I love keeping a record, not least because I can avoid serving beef each tIme particular guests come, but also to avoid the same group of guests. I make notes about success and failure ( or tweeking) of recipes. I do also write in my recipe books but with so many recipes originating from blogs and websites nowadays it is not so easy to note any changes especially if you don't print the recipe. Actually since I started blogging a year ago I have found this to be an invaluable record of my interpretation of recipes.

Maybe some of these headings/prompts are a step too far for the average hostess……

I am glad that my kitchen is a bit better equipped than this historic French kitchen portrayed in my Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Art et Harmonies Autour D'une Table.

What do you do? Keep a detailed record or go with the flow?


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