Rose cupcakes

These are rose cupcakes I made for a friend last weekend. My round the world adventure is now over so it's back to my guernsey kitchen -it was lovely to get baking!

Everyone can make cupcakes, but if you haven't tried pouring a sugar syrup over them about five minutes after they come out of the oven, try it! They will stay beautifully moist and of course you can mix it up with the syrup, by adding fruit to the sugar instead of water. A vanilla pod (put the whole pod I after splitting) is my go to flavouring.

Most bakers have a favourite buttercream icing- just remember that you'll need a stiffer than normal mixture for your petals to stand up. My pink ones,above, were made with some Swiss meringue buttercream (SMB) I had frozen before my travels. SMB freezes and defrosts like a dream – never throw it away, and make in reasonably large quantities.

The red petals were piped using a104 and ordinary buttercream, coloured with red paste. Don't use the cheap supermarket liquid colours- to achieve dark red you will need a bottle and your icing will be thin! Petal nozzles always have a thin and thick opening- the thin opening should always be the top of your petal as you pipe- makes sense really.

I think the finishing touch is the green leaf- invest in a leaf nozzle, pictured below, and impress!

Waitrose sell these handy little pots of rose petals- cute finishing touch, don't you think.


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  1. These are so gorgeous!! I’m starting to get better at piping and can only hope to be this good 🙂


    1. vannillarock says:

      Thank you! To be honest it really isn’t that difficult- correct nozzle, not too soft buttercream and you’ll be surprised. Thanks for visiting.


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