Khorasan wheat

Making bread in the Thermomix is simple, quick, and makes a beautiful bake. I came across whole grain kamut last month at the Gilbert farmers' market. I followed it up with a couple of google searches and brought some back in my suitcase. Actually waitrose do stock it (with the byline 'flour of the Pharos') and the label clearly states khorasan wheat.

I split the 400g flour 50% kamut, 50% whole grain, mixed with 7g instant yeast, 5g salt, 5ml honey ( I prefer honey to sugar) 50ml olive oil ( ring the changes by using a flavoured oil ) and 200g tepid water. Add more water if you think it is too dry as kamut may need more than ordinary bread flour.
Mix all ingredients at speed 3 for 20 seconds. Then dough setting for 90 seconds.

I do the first prove in the Thermomix bowl – saves on washing up. It should be pushing the lid off after an hour. Tip out, either into oiled loaf tin or individual loaf tins ( which I like). I prove for another 30-40 minutes in plate warmer of aga, then bake for 10 minutes in roasting oven for individual loaves (20-25 minutes for a large loaf)


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