Dolce de leche macarons

Time for another macaron variation! The number one rule when experimenting with the basic recipe, which you can find here, is to keep your paste nice and thick before you add the sugar syrup. Once you start adding liquids, whether that's colouring or flavouring you are likely to end up with too runny a mixture to pipe, hold its shape, and grow feet! So pastes work well, eg pistachio, colours, etc.

I spotted this powdered dolce de leche in world markets, and brought it back in my suitcase- I have no idea if there is an equivalent product in the European market. The tin is large enough to keep me going for a while.

Work it into your mix in same way as if you were making chocolate or espresso shells. Just reduce the ground almonds by 10 g and substitute 10g of dolce powder (or an equal amount depending on how strong a taste you want). The ground almonds, icing sugar, and powder have to be pulverised to make a light non lumpy macaron, so blitz well in a food processor, or even better in a thermomix at speed 9.

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