Home made Chocolates

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Thermomix chocolates


I know the Thermomix is a master when it comes to tempering chocolate – you need to temper chocolate to achieve the correct consistency and shine- but I hadn't had a proper chocolate making TM day until today. What could be quicker than weighing and melting to the exact temperature in one bowl? Great tip from journal of a French foodie for using the chocolate that remains round the blades- make TM hot chocolate YUM!

Chocolate Florentines

Tempered chocolate and raspberry

Tempered chocolate on a bed of pistachio and flaked almonds

I played around with some ideas on the net as well as the everyday cookbook. I may invest in the new chocolate TM cook book which has had great reviews since it's release last year.

Enjoy! Even if it is only a virtual bite 🙂


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Welcome to my blog! After a L O N G break from blogging during which Instagram (vannilla)took over my life, I am returning in a more varied format. Yes, I will bake and have been a Thermomix users from the days before it was cult-like. I'll share the best but I will also include that other hobby in my life, photography from my small island and beyond. If you like what you see, I'd love to hear from you! Anne

6 thoughts on “Home made Chocolates”

  1. Those chocolates are beautifully shiny, proof of perfect tempering (which is so easy with Thermomix)! Thanks for the mention!


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