The iconic Aga and training of a future King’s Nanny

Some of today's British newspapers are detailing the credentials of the new Spanish nanny for Prince George. Not sure why I bothered to read through the article but glad I did when I had a laugh out loud moment at the list of things you are (allegedly) taught at Norland College. The Norland girls look like your real life Mary Poppins in their brown uniforms and command a premium salary on graduation.

So what was so funny? #1 on the reported list of what students learn on the course was how to use an aga! Of course you need to know that! When my youngest left home she was really concerned that she didn't know how to use an oven with knobs- so it works both ways.

My regular readers know that my guernsey based posts will always have aga timings and some may wonder what on earth it is. This post gives Lady Aga centre stage. She is the heart of the home, the perfect place to perch yourself, dry and iron clothes…..and so much more.

Mine is called a four oven, though one (bottom left) is a plate warmer I pop my bread dough in there to prove. The roasting oven is HOT at 230°C but you can cook cakes in it if you insert a cold shelve. This gives you a lot of flexibity. The roasting oven is perfect for pastry cases- no blind baking required, just pop you tin onto oven floor. The baking oven, lower right, is a 190°C oven, so great for cakes. This oven can also be cooled down using a cold shelf and this is how I bake my macarons – perfect!

The third oven, top left, is great for baking my Christmas cakes, carrot cakes, and is roughly 120°C.

I added two gas burners – I may have used them twice last year!

Hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of the iconic Aga- prince George's nanny apparently knows how to use one. Hang on though, the royal household will be employing someone else for that!


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