Green start to the day

I have been an enthusiastic Thermomix owner for years and a blogger for a little over a year. However, until recently I have not played around will the green healthy breakfast idea! I am simply amazed by how easy it is turn the second shot above, which is relatively unappealing on a plate, into a delicious drink.

The combination is really up to you- whatever is in your fridge and store cupboard will do. Start with seeds, and citrus rind if using- turbo pulse these until so fine- this is where the Thermomix leaves everything else standing. The basic 'rules' are to throw a couple of handfuls of ice in with greens – Aussie thermie bloggers are wonderful in sharing their expertise (Spanish ones probably are too- but my Spanish is non-existent and some of us know the pitfalls of letting google translate loose on or recipes!!!). It seems like 2 minutes on speed 9 will turn everything into a wonderful consistency. Just make thinner or thicker by adjusting the amount of unsweetened coconut water, or if you want it milker, any nut milk. Another thermie blogger tip is to always freeze a sliced banana before adding to the bowl.

Totally and wonderfully delicious!


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