The prettiest tomato salad?

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This is based on Jamie Oliver's eponymous mothership tomato salad- so easy now that most supermarkets and farmers' markets have an impressive display of tomatoes. For 4-6 people you will want about 1 kg of mixed tomatoes- vary the size and colour and slice some, quarter others, while leaving some whole. Generously sprinkle with sea salt while tomatoes stand in a colander set over a large bowl. I use two colander and turn them after about five minutes so that they all get a good salting- this pulls out the liquid which you are going to discard. I do this turning about three times, so 15-20 minutes.

That's basically it- turn into a pretty bowl and finish it off with multi coloured basil leaves. I added some mozzarella balls sprinkled with chopped chilli.


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Welcome to my blog! After a L O N G break from blogging during which Instagram (vannilla)took over my life, I am returning in a more varied format. Yes, I will bake and have been a Thermomix users from the days before it was cult-like. I'll share the best but I will also include that other hobby in my life, photography from my small island and beyond. If you like what you see, I'd love to hear from you! Anne

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