The prettiest tomato salad?

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This is based on Jamie Oliver's eponymous mothership tomato salad- so easy now that most supermarkets and farmers' markets have an impressive display of tomatoes. For 4-6 people you will want about 1 kg of mixed tomatoes- vary the size and colour and slice some, quarter others, while leaving some whole. Generously sprinkle with sea salt while tomatoes stand in a colander set over a large bowl. I use two colander and turn them after about five minutes so that they all get a good salting- this pulls out the liquid which you are going to discard. I do this turning about three times, so 15-20 minutes.

That's basically it- turn into a pretty bowl and finish it off with multi coloured basil leaves. I added some mozzarella balls sprinkled with chopped chilli.


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hi! i am Anne (hence vANNilla) - two 'N's autocorrect WILL autocorrect - grrrrrr I can most often be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen,(with my trusty thermomix) behind a camera or a kindle. If you are a traveller/photographer my bog is @vannilla If you have come as a baker my blog is i studied economics in Edinburgh in the early 70's; now retired from a day job, on paper i have plenty of time to explore the blogosphere and enjoy the shared experiences of others. like every other retiree i know we wonder how we fitted in a day job. I split my time between Guernsey,. In the Channel Islands -a 20-odd square mile island with 60thousand+ inhabitants- and Phoenix, Arizona. The mix is perfect- the former is beautiful but attacks of cabin fever are never too far away. Arizona, on the other hand IS king of the open road and has THE biggest bluest sky EVER. my blogs revolve around baking (vannillarock) and photography/travel if you like what you see please do start a conversation :)

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