Pain aux cereales – Thermomix

This recipe appeared on The vorwerk October newsletter. I thought I'd give it a try party because the method was unusual and the ingredients included barley malt extract, which I had never used before. Quick trip to the local health food shop to buy the said product. The girl in the shop said it was bread bakers who used it though it was often put on cereal for breakfast. The label says natural sweetener, so I am wondering if honey could easily have been substituted?

Now for the method. The night before you should make a 'poolish-type thingy'. Mix 50g of strong white bread flour and 50g water with 5g instant yeast. Mix 5 seconds so 4, tip into a small bowl, cover with cling film, and refrigerate overnight.

The next day you add this poolish to the following ingedients

  • 110g strong white bread flour
  • 110g strong wholemeal flour
  • 150g water
  • 1 satchet (7g) instant yeast
  • 5 g salt
  • 1 tsp barley malt extract
  • 40 g sesame seeds
  • 30g linseeds

Put the flours, water, salt and yeast into TM bowl and mix 30 seconds sp4. Set the bowl aside for about 30 minutes before adding yesterday's starter dough and the malt extract. Knead for 6 minutes on dough setting (MC OFF) 6 minutes is a long time for most TM breads, but stick with it!

Now add half the sesame and linseed so and knead for 3 minutes, dough setting, MC on.

Now tip out into an oiled bowl or leave to prove in the TM bowl, for about 2 hours.

Knock back and shape as required

Sprinkle with remaining seeds and leave to rise for another hour

Bake for 35 for a loaf at 220°C/450°F/roasting oven aga.

Note: when you use tepid liquids, water, milk, etc, this quickens the rising process but it does give you a different kind of bread. To be honest I don't always have the time or organisation for breads like this, but it is good.

Have a great day!


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