Asparagus soup

Green =healthy – right?!

On this premise, this super green asparagus soup must be super healthy. Probably, but what it certainly is is souper tasty!

Taken from the Thermomix fast and easy cookbook, I substituted sour cream for the cème fraîche, because I can't always source crème fraîche here in phoenix.


A bunch of asparagus 400-450g. Discard any woody ends. Mine were those super skinny, very tasty ones with very little wastage. Cut off the tips and set aside as you will adding these in last minute or two of cooking.

50g unsalted butter

120g-150g onion

Flat leaf (continental) parsley. I think this would also work well with coriander/cilantro

500g TM chicken stock or TM stock cube and water

Salt and ground pepper

100ml Sour cream

How to:

Melt the butter at 90° sp2. Time will vary depending on how cold your butter is.

Add the chopped asparagus stems (reserving tip) parsley and onion and chop on sp4 for a few seconds.

Add stock and seasoning and cook 10 minutes, 90°, sp 4

Now purée for a minute sp8

Add the asparagus tips and cook, reverse action, 90°, spoon setting.

Stir through the sour cream or crème fraîche on reverse action and serve.



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  1. Favourite soup…apart from spinach!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nowathome says:

    It looks yummy Anne!


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