What do you call a pear crossed with an apple?

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Apparently the marketing guys missed a trick when the agricultural geneticists crossed a pear with an apple to achieve a delicious crunchy pear. To be fair an ' appear' or 'pearple' doesn't exactly trip off the tongue! So forget the name the apple pear is a great product. I'll be truthful, I like the taste of pears but am not so keen on the slimey texture and for eating on the run the apple beats most fruit. Move over apples you now have a serious competitor and if I can source them in Guernsey – come on Waitrose- I will be remaking lots of my apple recipes with these. Come to think of it there is probably some EU regulation preventing Frankenstein fruit adaptations LOL.


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hi! i am Anne (hence vANNilla) - two 'N's autocorrect WILL autocorrect - grrrrrr I can most often be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen,(with my trusty thermomix) behind a camera or a kindle. If you are a traveller/photographer my bog is @vannilla http://vannillarock.wordpress.com If you have come as a baker my blog is http://vannillarock.com i studied economics in Edinburgh in the early 70's; now retired from a day job, on paper i have plenty of time to explore the blogosphere and enjoy the shared experiences of others. like every other retiree i know we wonder how we fitted in a day job. I split my time between Guernsey,. In the Channel Islands -a 20-odd square mile island with 60thousand+ inhabitants- and Phoenix, Arizona. The mix is perfect- the former is beautiful but attacks of cabin fever are never too far away. Arizona, on the other hand IS king of the open road and has THE biggest bluest sky EVER. my blogs revolve around baking (vannillarock) and photography/travel if you like what you see please do start a conversation :)

3 thoughts on “What do you call a pear crossed with an apple?”

      • well the cool thing is that I was just trying to describe a pear to me son’s friend (who sadly could not recall ever trying one) and well, I was describing them to be like an apple, but not really – and I am going to show him your post next time they come over because I was like “it is sorta like an apple” and I told them it alkalized the body…. and then they were like “Huh?” but he did try two bites of a pear and so that was cool…. but the pearple sounds so good….

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