Granola – yet another….

Making your own granola sets you free from over sweetened, dodgy 'healthy' labels on prepackaged brands. It also allows to cater for your family's particular preferences and/or food intolerances. It has never been easier to find a huge range of sugar and grain alternatives in ordinary food stores but if you buy prepackaged 'special' mixes you will pay a premium. Thermomix owners have known for years that they can make their own- everything from almond milk, nut butters and so much more are just a few seconds away.

You can of course make granola without a Thermomix – use a food processor for any chopping and a saucepan to melt you butter/oil/syrup/sugar mixture.

basic granola

  • 120g oatmeal
  • 120g nuts and seeds like chai, pumpkin
  • 100g flaked coconut
  • 120g dried fruit – fruits like mango chopped to desired size. use turbo pulse
  • Mix of 75g coconut oil, 75g honey or maple syrup melted in TM bowl at 50° with 50g soft brown sugar to taste

Mix the dry ingredients into the oil and sugar mixture and spread on a baking sheet before popping under grill.

Take care not to burn- give the mixture one or two stirs to make sure all clumps are grilled.

Remove and cool before keeping in airtight container.

YOU chose how sweet you make it and you can adapt easily for any food intolerances.

Spelt flakes make a wonderful substitute.

If you haven't used coconut oil before, believe me you will love it in everything from stir fry to baking. It has a very mild taste ( indeed some eat it out of the jar!!) and has been given a trendy superfood label. Some claim it makes you slim though I have no idea about the science behind such a claim so just lets say it is a healthy, tasty alternative if you are trying to avoid dairy.


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  1. Jeannette says:

    This sounds good, where do you find ‘flaked’ coconut, I’ve looked for it but can only fine dessicated?


    1. vannillarock says:

      I can find it easily in phoenix area- bob’s red mill brand. In UK it is harder and I admit I haven’t checked my local health food store. Everything coconut seems to be the motto at the moment so I think you should find it there. Fresh coconut is the other option though I appreciate it is not exactly ‘store cupboard’. Anne


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