‘Swansea’ bloomer

I am not sure I can call it a 'Swansea' after my variation using wholemeal flour. I have featured a rework from Paul Hollywood's British Baking in a previous post. He has organised the book by region of the British Isles and this Swansea is clearly from Wales. It was new to me and looked like a simple white bloomer so I made it in the Thermomix and made the flour mix 50/50 wholemeal/white.

wholemeal Swansea

Preheat oven to 220°C/430°F

Place traybake pan with water on bottom shelf


10g instant yeast (always read pack- some need to be soaked in water and sugar first)

250g strong white bread flour

250g wholemeal flour

7g salt

30g unsalted soft butter

320ml water ( you may not need all of this if you only use white flour)


If you want to speed things up heat water to tepid 32° in TM bowl adding yeast towards end. If you use water straight from tap your first rise will take a bit longer because you haven't given it a kick start.

'Sift' your flours in TM bowl for a couple of seconds on turbo pulse, add yeast, salt, butter and water and mix speed 4 to pull together.

Mix dough setting for minutes.

Leave to prove in TM bowl if you can spare the bowl. Otherwise tip into a bowl and place in large plastic bag.

When doubled in size rework/ knock back on dough setting for a minute. Alternatively, if it isn't in the TM bowl, knock back on floured work top before shaping into a bloomer and place on baking tray.

Cover with large plastic bag and let rise again until doubled in size.

Score deeply and spray with water and dust with flour.

with water container on bottom shelf, bake for 35 minutes. Check bread in last 10 minutes and reduce oven to 200°C if over browning.

Many bread bakers use a steamy oven for all their bakes as the steam creates a crusty loaf. When I am baking in my aga I don't find it matters as we lucky aga owners get great bread results every time 🙂


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