Healthy date bites

Ella Woodward's new cook book Deliciously Ella – named after her very popular food blog – is apparently the fastest selling maiden cook book ever in the UK. She has built up a huge loyal following on her blog, supplying her readers with no fuss, healthy options while satisfying cravings for tasty sweet food. Impossible?- no!
My take on her raw brownies are prepared in the Thermomix and I have glued stuff together with coconut oil ( which if I am allowed, I have been adding to EVERYTHING!) the delight of this basic recipe is that you just change it to suit your own preferences for nuts, seeds etc, or to suit what you have in the cupboard when you have a craving!
For every 500g of pitted dates, and 50g of cacao nibs ( finely grated in the TM bowl sp 10), I add 180g (total) of nuts, seeds, coconut, and 40g coconut oil. Mix sp 6/7 until sticky. Then just spread in a traybake tin and pop in fridge. Simply cut into slices or roll into balls. It's that simple and oh so tasty. Feel free to coat in chai seeds, coconut or, dare I say, chocolate.



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