Pain de campagne- if at first you don’t succeed….try, try,


It's a red letter day here in my guernsey kitchen – I can finally announce and show a more than edible sour dough. Drum roll! Patience and perseverance finally paid off as I found a sour dough starter which worked for me. This one originates from the King Arthur flour website and has no 'fancy' stimulants like grated apple, grapes or raisins, just dark rye to start off the whole process. If you haven't been successful with sourdough starters in the past but don't want to give up, then I'd give the King Arthur method a try.

Just turned out of the cane banneton


I get the impression that pain de campagne (country bread) is a standard first step on the sour dough ladder, so I hope I can keep the starter alive! I used a scaled back version of Paul Hollywood's recipe from his how to bake.

Onward and upward…..



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  1. NikkiM says:

    I’m not a fan of Paul Hollywood, but he sure knows his bread!

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    1. vannillarock says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Nikki, re not being fan of PH. That’s why it took me ages to buy one of his books. You are right though, he knows his bread ( but I didn’t have luck with his sour dour starter!). Thanks for commenting 🙂 anne

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