A-Z challenge – the letter G


For G there was a short list of 1 from my old baking posts- some people may be able to get excited about my homemade granola but not me. Don’t get me wrong it’s way better than anything you will ever buy so if you want to see what floats my proverbial boat when it comes to granola the recipe is here.Granola | vannillarock

But on to the real contender for a place representing the letter G– gin and lemon cake ( NOT lemon and gin cake, so please don’t ask if you omit the gin 🙂 a of course you can ask, and of course you can omit, but then it wouldn’t be gin and lemon cake and you would be missing out on something REALLY special. The original post and recipe is here.Gin and lemon cake | vannillarock

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge




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