P is for pumpkin….and so much more

More than half way through April’s alphabet challenge and it falls on the letter P. I have so many recipes beginning with the letter P so I have limited the selection to three beautiful breads. Pumpkin has pride of place because until I began to spend more time in America (9 years ago) I had no idea that pumpkins had a use beyond Halloween! Thankfully I no longer have to weigh down my suitcase with tins of pumpkin purée- it is now widely stocked in UK supermarkets.
If you want to see more of this Pumpkin challah follow the link to the recipe here

Poppy seeds are a tasty topping to most breads but this one has them rolled up inside. If you love them you will love this bread.

The recipe for poppyseed twist can be found here Poppyseed twist

My third bread with the letter P is pretzels. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you have to dip these in Boiling bicarbonate water before baking.

Soft pretzels are AMAZING – that’s all!

For these pretzels follow this link Soft pretzels you will not be disappointed.

I hope you liked my choice.

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