Naked celebration cake

I have been pinning these fashionable cakes for a little while now, and a friend's birthday this week gave me the opportunity to give one a try.

There seem to be huge variations on what can be classed as 'naked'- some are distinctinctly rustic while others are are smoothly finished. The essence is that they are free from smooth covering icing (fondant, royal, buttercream) and marzipan.

As I write this I wonder whether 'naked' will get through WordPress – #naked does not have an IG # – hahaha!

You customise this cake to your taste, if you want to do different layers (as I did) that's great, but if you want a more uniform taste and look, that's OK. Make all your layers the same size, or vary the sizes (as I did.) just remember you will need plastic cake dowels between each cake (not each individual layer)

I filled with Swiss meringue buttercream ( I prefer it because it is more stable) I have said it before but don't be put off by the process- it is EASY! I split my quanitity and added grated zest of orange to half, and white chocolate mocha to the other half.


My cakes were

  • 25cm/10″ carrot cake
  • 20cm/9″ Orange vanilla cake
  • 15cm/6″ chocolate cake

Camera shy me caught in this shot- there is a caption here, methinks!

Have a good one!



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  1. That is definitely a WOW cake. 😃👍

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