Chewy chocolate granola bars

I have made a fair few granola bars and as I have said before it really is up to you to ring the changes once you hit on the basic mix you like – the ratio of puffed cereal to oats for instance.

chewy granola bars

  • Servings: 20
  • Difficulty: easy
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120g dark chocolate chips ( I use 70% Cocoa callebaut)

80g nut butter ( peanut, almond or a mix of Biscoff and nut butter)

100g clear honey

70g oats

60g puffed rice (or other puffed cereal)

130g chopped nuts and seeds ( throw in what you love, and add shredded coconut if liked)

90g dried fruit or dates (I love chopped medjool dates in granola bars- soooo indulgent)


Prepare a tin 20 x20cm/8″x8″ (I spray with coconut oil)



Melt the chocolate, nut butter and honey (in a Thermomix, in a bowl set over simmering water, or (carefully) in a microwave

Quickly roast nuts and seeds if you have time- it adds a wonderful taste to the finished bars.

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl

Combine the dry ingredients with the chocolate, honey, nut butter mix.



You don't actually have to bake these- there is no egg in this one, but I baked for about 10 minutes in the lower Aga/180°C/350°F to set.

Cut into appropriately sized bars. They are extremely indulgent so you don't want to make them too large – or maybe you do 🙂

If you don't use a lot of seeds and nuts then a great alternatively is to buy the 200g packs of mixed seeds and nuts from supermarkets. They have some great selections and will sometimes include an ingredient you might not want in a separate large pack.

I'm sure UK readers will be familiar with the chocolate shops Hotel Chocolat, but maybe don't know that they are an award winning cocoa grower, and restaurateur. In the book of the same name, they have compiled a wonderfully wide range of dishes with yes you guessed some form of cocoa in every dish. This granola bar is adapted from there.

Happy baking!



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  1. prior says:

    looks great – mmm – and I like that you note we can change the ratio of things up…. hope you have a nice week

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