Raisin Challah- Thermomix

I have been travelling is it's nice to get into the kitchen with a new book ! Challah is always a winner and this is no exception. I have made prettier ones in my time but next time I'll pop this into a round pan to retain its shape.

Raisin Challah

  • Servings: 1 loaf
  • Difficulty: medium
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160g raisins plumped up in dark rum, (or apple juice) dried. The raisins aren't added until after the knock down so just let them sit. Drain and dry in paper towel before adding to dough. Don't add at start as raisins will work against the yeast.


180ml water

10g quick action dry yeast

1 tsp granulated sugar

420g bread flour

7g salt

90ml canola oil/olive oil mix

60ml honey

3 large eggs, room temperature, beaten


1 beaten egg, sea salt and tablespoon water for glazing



Warm water the TM bowl until temp reaches 38°C

Add the dried yeast and mix for a couple of seconds. (If using yeast which needs time to bubble leave until mixture is bubbling)

Tip in flour followed by the salt and wet ingredients.

Combine on dough setting for 3 ½ minutes


The mixture is wet, indeed it is more the consistency of a brioche than a challah but set it aside in the TM bowl ( if you can spare it) until it has doubled in size.


Knock back by mixing on dough setting for a minute.


Tip out onto work surface and divide into three equal sausage shapes. If it is too difficult to shape because it is too soft generously flour your surface and hands. Plait/braid and I suggest you contain in a parchment lined tin or skillet. I didn't and it lost its shape- still tasted great though!


Preheat oven to 190°C/375°F


Set aside again to double in size. I find the Paul Holloway method of placing in a BIG plastic bag works a treat. This should take a bit under an hour.

Brush with salty egg wash, add poppy seeds if liked.


Bake for 30-40 minutes




This bread is wonderful the next day and as you might expect is extremely yummy toasted.

The original recipe comes from a book by the NY baker Kamran Siddiqi Hand Made Baking. As ever when I add to my cookbook library I like to try recipes for which I already have a family favourite. Being completely honest, I thought this was a bit of a flop because it didn't retain its shape, but to be fair he did suggest placing it in a skillet to bake ( but I knew better- not!). There is no better praise than Mr N declaring it to be a quite superior challah the day after baking!

I used King Arthur bread flour instead of all purpose and I have adapted for the Thermomix.

If you do give it a whirl then please let me know, or simply @vannilla on IG – thanks!



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  1. Ingrid says:

    Good tips and look delicious. You’ll need to show me that Thermomix next time we’re both in Phoenix 🙂


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