Wholewheat raisin loaf

For the second of my speciality breads this weekend I have turned to a very east, yummy raisin bread. The secret is to soak the raisins until they are fully plumped up. The more liquid you use in this soak the less water you should add. If you chose to use a yummy dark rye flour in place of wholemeal then you may want an extra 20ml of tepid water.

Bread making is so easy in Thermomix, just bear in mind that even using the dough function, you risk cutting the raisins, so keep this mix to the last 30 seconds.

wholemeal raisin loaf

  • Servings: 1 loaf
  • Difficulty: easy
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150g raisins soaked soaked for at least 4 hours( but best overnight) in 100ml espresso coffee( I used a strong Nespresso)

350g water brought to tepid in TM bowl

1x7g packet fast action yeast

300g strong bread flour

200g wholemeal flour ( alternatively use dark rye. If you vary the proportions bear in mind you may need to adjust liquid. Rye flour and organic wholemeals require more)

10g salt



Ensure you have lovely plumped up raisins 🙂

Bring water to 37°C in TM bowl

Add the flours Followed by the salt ( add ingredients in this order as you should avoid dropping the salt directly onto the yeast)

Mix for 3 minutes on dough setting before adding the raisins.

If you don't mind the raisins being cut up then you can add at the start but gently mix for a few seconds if you want them to keep their shape.

Either leave to double in size in the TM bowl for 1 ½ hours or tip into a bowl, cover and leave in warm place.

Prepare a loaf tin and tip dough into this. I like to knock back the dough after the first rise by mixing on dough setting for 1 minute, but I wanted to keep raisins whole so I knocked the air out on work surface.

Preheat oven to 240°C/460°F- you are going to turn this down to 220°C/420°F

Once the bread has almost doubled in size bake for 35 minutes at the reduced 220°/420° oven I baked in Aga roasting oven for 15 minutes and then popped into baking oven for 10minutes.

If you use an instant read thermometer it should register 93°C/199°F. Golden rule for bread ( but not for sponge) is if in doubt, another five minutes!

Using an instant read thermometer


Happy baking!

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Thanks for reading, I'd love to know if you try this recipe at home.



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