Homity Pie

I came across this delicious pie in Paul Hoolywood's British Baking. In this book Paul takes some of his favourite regional bakes and indeed the book is organised by region. If I am totally honest – why wouldn't I be?- I have been less than overwhelmed with a few of the recipes chosen. I am not saying the recipes didn't work but just that I really didn't like them. However this homity pie is a winner probably because I LOVE leeks and this is probably just a deep dish version of a leek and potato quiche 🙂

I have adapted for the Thermomix but you can easily buy ready made shortcrust ( but you know you'd prefer homemade !) and cook the vegetables in a frying pan.


Homity Pie

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Print



50gwholemeal flour

100g plain /all purpose flour

Pinch salt

75 g unsalted cold butter, diced

1 egg yolk

1 tbls ice cold water



350g cooked potatoes ( I used new potatoes, as that's what I had to hand- so didn't peel) cook these in the steaming basket of the Thermomix or on stovetop.

1 or 2 cloves garlic

2 onions, I used red as I prefer their sweetness in a dish like this

2 leeks

175g mature cheese ( I used mix of Gruyere and cheddar)

10g fresh chopped parsley

Salt and freshly ground pepper

10g butter

15g olive oil

For the topping- 30g Parmesan, 40g breadcrumbs



Weigh the flours and salt into TM bowl.

Add the diced cold butter and turbo pulse until fine breadcrumb consistency

Add egg yolk and ice cold water

Turbo pulse until just brought together

Tip out onto cling film, wrap and chill for at least 40 minutes

Line a 20cm/8″ deep tart tin. Use one with a removable bottom if you have it. Pop back into fridge.


Prepare the topping by dropping the Parmesan onto running blades sp 9, followed by bread. If you want a crunchy topping pop under grill to dry out the breadcrumbs- I added a large pinch of pink salt salt. Set aside


Cook potatoes and dice, set aside


Grate the cheese(s) in TM bowl and tip out and set aside while you sauté onion, garlic and leeks.

Mince the garlic by dropping onto running blades, sp8

Quarter the onions and chop sp3 for a couple of seconds.Do not mince.

If you want leeks to be thinly sliced do this by hand; alternatively chop in TM bowl, sp3

Add oil and butter and cook 90° for 5 minutes,until soft, sp2

Add the grated cheddar and parsley and mix gently on reverse action blade.

Stir in chopped potatoes and empty into pastry case

Bake In preheated oven for 40 minutes. Check centre cooked through. I baked in Aga roasting oven for 20 minutes before placing in baking oven for 15.

Serve hot or cold with a green salad.

I think this might become a firm favourite.



Thanks for stopping by. If you do have any questions then please ask.



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  1. I’ve never tried this, but it looks great! I love leeks loads

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vannillarock says:

      Thank you! If you love leeks you’ll love this 🙂 Do let me know if you try it.


    1. vannillarock says:

      Thank you, sarah. Stopping autocorrect changing it to homily pie was the worst (and funniest)part LOL


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