Protein Balls

Why pay more than £2 each for store bought protein balls when you can mix them up so easily from scratch. Not only that, you choose what to include- prefer hazelnuts to almonds, no problem; prefer a smaller size than the 40g standard store bought, no problem.

There are a couple to tips to the basics of protein balls but after that, your imagination is the only limiting factor.

The basic ingredients which work for me is an equal quantity of stoned medjool dates and skinned nuts. If you toast nuts you release an amazing taste so if you have time I recommend you toast hazelnuts. If your hazelnuts still have skin on them this is also the way to easily remove the skin after toasting under a grill, or on top of a hot oven. I have roasted in a thermomix on reverse blade but honestly it’s easier to spread an even layer on a baking sheet.

What quantity you are saying, to make about a 15 40g balls you’ll need 150g of dates and nuts. To that I mix up my additions every time, normally binding everything together with nut butter. Thermomix owners know how easy it is to make nut butter from scratch, but of course store bought works perfectly.

Waitrose have recently had a selection of their Good Health range on offer at a third off, so I added 30 g of their milled golden flaxseed with cranberries, blueberries. There is a nice Thermo recipe on the platform using rice cakes but I substituted quick cook oats and cacao nibs. A little Vanilla essence is a nice addition too.

Taste as you mix and find your own favourite combination!

Happy mixing!

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