Who is vannilla?

Welcome! And thanks for clicking to see who is behind the blog. I love to bake, feed people, travel, take pictures, and keep up to date with technology. Having two blogs keeps me on my toes, but I need that! My other blog @vannilla is my travel/photography blog.

Vannilla came from my name Anne and I just like it!

“From little rock to big sky state”…

Sometimes my blogs will be winging their way into some cloud or other from a little rock (24sq miles) in the English Channel, Guernsey.This is my main home.It is a self governing island( population c63,000) just off the coast of north west France.if people have heard of guernsey it tends to be our cows they have heard of. in more recent times, many Americans have read or heard of the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel pie Society.

At other times they will be written from the 48th state, Arizona (114,000sq miles). Arizona is a popular destination for Canadian snowbirds and American citizens from the northern states where the winter often last for many months. it is much less well known to Brits (though many Brits do have homes in Florida- they have clearly marketed their state better). i often think of Arizona as my best kept secret when people quizzically ask ‘why Arizona?’ Dry heat is right up there as a good enough starter.

I can’t think that the two destinations have anything in common which is probably why its such a great mix.

I am totally ‘bilingual’ in cups and grams, Fahrenheit and Centigrade , inches and centimetres. In the early days i did use cup measures in posts but it really went against the grain- i believe that bakers should use weight (as opposed to volume) for consistent results so i will follow my beliefs and try to convert as many of my american readers as possible to buy a set of digital scales.

I love to hear you comments and if you try one of my recipes please let me know.

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for popping in to see who I am!

37 thoughts on “Who is vannilla?”

  1. I am only just getting round to reading your bio now! Wow, Guernsey and Arizona – not jealous, much! 🙂 And yes, please carry on with the crusade to use grams instead of cups! My converters work well (when I can’t work it out in my head) but I just don’t trust the cup measurement system! 🙂

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    • Oh thanks for stopping a bit longer- I know what it’s like- we bloggers also have other things in our lives!!
      I love Sweden you sound as if you have a beautiful life too.
      Thanks for your comment on weight v volume 🙂

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    • Thanks for visiting, Sarah.sounds as if you have visited the rock. Guernsey is nice but sadly no recipes for bean jar as I don’t like it ( that’s allowed as i’m not a guern!) also gâche is just a fruit bread and I few nice ones of those around the bread section. Always a treat to meet new bloggers so I look forward to seeing more of your posts.


  2. Oh wow great food photos and recipes Anne. Thanks for following our adventures in sailing and photography. I appreciate your interest and will be back for a visit and a drool over your recipes! Chris


    • Hi chris and thank you. I guess baking on a boat is not a necessity 🙂 I may have confused you when the ‘follow’ came from my baking blog. My travel photography blog is @vannilla and we had a joke about tripods the other day. Your photography makes a life on the sea seem very enticing. Anne

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