My Thermomix and other gadgets

My Thermomix sits on my countertop and is in constant use as befits a machine which weighs, chops, grinds, whips, melts, cooks, steams, with equal ease.

Towards the end of 2014 Vorwerk, the German company has a large stable of technologically superior good, announced a new, bigger, and technologically superior model, the TM5. It has a bigger capacity bowl, higher temperatures, and a digital cookbook built in to the machine. A clever pet could probably be trained to make a meal in it now, and the can’t cook/won’t cook have no excuse!

Lots of useful information can be found here Thermomix

I am not a consultant and earn no commission from Thermomix – I have been an enthusiastic and I think imaginative user since 2010. The reason for the page is that a lot of my posts will feature recipes made in the Thermomix and whilst the machine has a huge presence in Australia, Spain and some other European countries ( some in Europe had a machine called the Bimby) , many of my american and British readers will wonder what I am talking about.

The 2014 machine retails at around £1000 – deep intake of breath- but, and it’s a very big BUT, it can change your culinary life for the better and start saving you money from the moment you start using it. You can’t buy it from a retailer and any you see on Amazon or eBay will come without warranties, etc, etc. Thermomix can only be sold via a consultant and party plan, and for many people that strikes them with the fear of forced selling of plastic container, dodgy underwear!! Anyway I’m not hear to sell Thermomix machine just to tell you what it is and how I love mine 🙂

Probably all of my Thermomix recipes can be made in a food processor or stand mixer so if you like the look, sound of them have a go at adapting.

Thank you so much for looking in on my blog- I do love to hear your feedback.

For a hilarious irreverent ‘review’ of the Thermomix this YouTube video is a must. I feel an ‘X’ rating is in order though, so don’t watch with your grandmother!

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  1. MiaMusings says:

    Hi Ann! I am so glad you followed my blog because that have me a chance to explore yours! It’s such a cute blog….love it. Also, your thermomix struck a chord…my husband’ mother has been working with the Australian company and selling these gadgets in India!! And she has I know what a wonderful elf this machine is. And Guernsey…the first time i heard about this place was when i read this book – Guernsey Literary and the Potato Peel Society, many years ago. A wonderful happy book! So thank you for following my blog.


    1. vannillarock says:

      You are very welcome! ..’wonderful elf..’ Haha- it is indeed. I was actually taken to your blog via my photography travel blog @vannilla – there is a link on my baking blog. I always forget my default takes you to my food blog. Don’t believe everything you read in ‘potato peel’ it is a work of fiction and the author has never been to guernsey 🙂 anne


  2. Rosemarie says:

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Rosemarie


    1. vannillarock says:

      You are very welcome! as you are a photographer, You may have been directed to my baking blog in error ( it’s my primary site) I do have a travel photography wordpress site @vannilla. Anne


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