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Z is for Zebra cake

On this last day of April’s A to Z challenge, I am delighted to be able to look back on not one but two posts featuring zebra cakes. One was a lot more successful than the other but I was encouraged to post the not […]


Y is for ……yeast

  Yeast is a fungi widely used in baking and brewing. We mostly link it with bread and pastry baking but it has a long history as a leavening agent in cakes. Yeast leavened cakes (still popular in mainland Europe) even featured as one of […]

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X is for …..

For the past few years I have joined forces with an incredibly talented crafty friend to raise money for local guernsey charities. We try to catch the Christmas market by selling well priced, lovely gifts. So I do the baking and every year I pour […]

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W is for…..

  I'm really pleased to be able to feature the bread in this post because it is soooo delicious. I believe you can substitute wholewheat/wholemeal flour much of the time. A good alternative is to use 50/50 plain/wholewheat. Wholewheat in general needs to absorb more […]

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V is for Vetebröd

We are at V, the finish line is tantalisingly close, and I have actually scheduled W, X, Y & Z. For some of the posts highlighted it’s been a case of ‘oh, why haven’t I made that since posting it’! The Swedish sweet bread Vetebröd […]


U is for Ultimate

My immediate thought for The letter U was a pineapple upside down cake, but since I have never featured one in my post that was out. It was a nice thought though, I may even do one soon for the blog! Than I got to […]

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Q is for quiche….

Do try to make your pastry from scratch – it tastes so much better. The biggest tips are to keep your butter cold and not to over process. If you have very hot hands, or a hot kitchen pop into the fridge in batches, especially […]


P is for pumpkin….and so much more

More than half way through April’s alphabet challenge and it falls on the letter P. I have so many recipes beginning with the letter P so I have limited the selection to three beautiful breads. Pumpkin has pride of place because until I began to […]


O is for ooooooh……home bakes

Hopefully all your bakes are Oooooo so I have chosen a wonderful tart and a fruit bread for my O today. Enjoy! The recipe is here Orange curd tart If you prefer a bread option representing O then look no further than this delicious bread. […]

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A-Z challenge N is for….

I am strking out from individual recipes for N. We are much more willing to recognise and cater for food intolerances, allergies and all manner of food related health issues. Even if we don’t have an identifiable health issue which stems from a food ingredient […]