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Kransekake- aka BIG almond tower!

This gluten free alternative is also known as ring cake as the tower is simply a stack (normally 18) of different sized rings held together with icing. It is common centrepiece across Scandinavia at weddings, birthdays, and Christmas. Kransekake sets consist of 6 pans each […]


Orange almond scones

  It's a pretty miserable bank holiday Monday- nothing too surprising in that- so a good excuse to develop some fail safe flavours and incorporate in a scone. I used my new Lakeland silicone bakeware – it is sold at as a cake pan but […]

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Apple almond loaf

Hello! I am finally back in the kitchen putting a twist and Thermomix adaptation to a loaf in Kamran Siddiqi Hand Made Baking. If you don't already know, I have a travel, photography blog over at @vannilla so if want to dip into my non […]


Almond plaits

This is really delightful bread liberally enhanced with blanched almonds-yum. If you don't want to make braids just divide into 8-10 and make indivual rolls. Lovely dinner party idea. I have adapted the original recipe from James Morton's Brilliant Bread. His narrative on this loaf […]

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