Farmers’ markets

I have been travelling recently so home bakes have been out of the question. Now that all the travel gremlins – in the guise of French baggage handlers, open skies airline, Amtrak cardinal delays, dollar car rental fiasco, and Chicago April freezing snow- are behind me it's time for a posting. The sun is shining…

Gilbert farmers’ market

Some of the produce on sale at Gilbert farmers' market. And this big guy has his greens on board! Gilbert Farmers Market is a Saturday market with a wide range of produce, local (and not so local), and space to sit and enjoy the produce with family and friends. No need to add that Phoenix…


The technology gremlins continue and having lost the whole post on yesterday's outing to sabino canyon

Favourite places….Desert botanical

While the wonderful plants may remain the same at Desert botanical the art installations are changed regularly. This winter thro' April the Californian artist and filmmaker Philip Haas

Day full of surprises….

Some days when you think you have hit the jackpot, the good just gets better.. A trip up to the 'high country' around the mogollon rim to see some snow and blue sky proved

January 2012 Retrospective

  Welcome to 2013 – fireworks at Tempe, Arizona I've been quiet for a while after what turned out to be an epic baking bonanza in the latter part of the year. This got me thinking about all those dedicated souls who do a photo a day blog or a Monday musing. Another Facebook friend,…