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sour cherry traybake

This delicious cake has its roots in Hungary but I was reminded of it while browsing Will Torrent’s Afternoon Tea at Home. Will adapts some of the the top restaurant and top chef classics and inspires you to make afternoon tea every day (until your clothes […]


A special valentines cake

This gin and lemon is the ultimate cake for moist yumminess- there really is no secret to moist cakes, they always have a syrup poured over just after removing from the oven. Leave the cake in the tin and refridgerate for at least an hour. […]


Molten chocolate dessert

While I annoyed with myself at not snapping the oozing pistachio filling coming out of these little beauties I must still post the product and the recipe. This was one of my dinner party dessert at the weekend and because the preparation had to happen […]

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Clementine macarons

  With Xmas bakes all around us don't forget to give your next batch of macarons a festive twist- what do you mean you are scared to make them!!! Follow my basic recipe but add the grated zest of a clementine or satsuma, add some […]


Mincemeat crostata

This is quite simply an exceptional dish- a very discerning dinner party guest voted it the BEST mincemeat flan EVER – no ifs no buts! I have adapted the original Waitrose recipe for the Thermomix but there is no reason why you shouldn't make your […]

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Sour cherry stollen cake

  Yes, this is a cake as opposed to a bread. It really is a great variation on the wonderful more traditional stollen I posted last week. The benefits are that you don't have to use yeast and you don't have to wait! As I […]


Kransekake- aka BIG almond tower!

This gluten free alternative is also known as ring cake as the tower is simply a stack (normally 18) of different sized rings held together with icing. It is common centrepiece across Scandinavia at weddings, birthdays, and Christmas. Kransekake sets consist of 6 pans each […]


Milk bread rolls

This milky bread dough is right up there as one of the easiest fail safe recipes around. It is adapted from the Fast and Easy Cooking TM3 Thermomix book – it can easily be adapted for hand or bread machine. If you divide into 12-14 […]

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Lemon curd cupcakes

Two consecutive cup cake bakes- what can be happening?!- oh yes, it's national cupcake week. I probably won't make them for another year.. This particular bake might be the one to change my mind about that as it is filled with home made Thermomix lemon […]


Very lemony friands

There is more to this French 'lovely' then simply being a different shape. If you don't want to buy a Friand tin pop the mixture into muffin pans. A Friand recipe will require you to melt the butter before incorporating into other ingredients. In addition […]


Orange almond scones

  It's a pretty miserable bank holiday Monday- nothing too surprising in that- so a good excuse to develop some fail safe flavours and incorporate in a scone. I used my new Lakeland silicone bakeware – it is sold at as a cake pan but […]

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